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What is SEM? Stay Ahead and Grow Your Business

These days, everyone uses search engines. Think about when you look for news, shopping, or learn about a brand. Search engines help us find all this information. So, they’re also a great place for businesses to show their stuff.

Ever heard of SEO? It helps your website show up when people search. But there’s also SEM, which is a bit different. Want to start with SEM? We’ll help you understand it better.

What Are Search Engines?

Think of search engines like big helpers. They find websites based on what you type. For businesses, it’s important to show up in the top results.

How do search engines work?

  1. Crawl: They find and check all the stuff on the internet.
  2. Index: They organize the stuff so they can show it to you later.
  3. Rank: They decide which pages are the most helpful.

Some of the main search engines are Google, Bing, Yahoo, and others. Most people use Google, followed by Bing and Yahoo.

Many people use search engines every day, for shopping, research, and more. For businesses, these are great places to show ads and get noticed.

Understanding SEM

When you’re about to buy something big, you probably look it up online first. SEM helps your ads show up when people search. It’s like paying to be at the top of the search list.

How SEM Works

Here’s how we do it:

  1. Keyword Research: We find the best words for your ads.
  2. Ads and Pages: We make the ads and the pages they lead to.
  3. Setting Up: We make sure everything works.
  4. Launch and Watch: We start your ads and see how they do.
  5. Check and Adjust: We see what works and make it even better.

Wondering if this is good for your business? We think it is! It helps people know you better and can bring in sales faster.

Benefits of SEM
  • Be Recognized: Your brand shows up more.
  • More Sales: Ads can lead to quick sales.
  • Targeting: Your ads show up in the right places.
  • Control: You decide when and where ads show.
  • Growth: You can see how well your ads do.
  • Traffic: More people come to your website.

Want to start? Talk to Sojourn Digital.

SEO, PPC, SEM: What's Different?
  • These three terms can be confusing. Let’s simplify:

    • SEO: Helps your website show naturally in search results.
    • PPC: You pay for each time someone clicks your ad.
    • SEM: Includes both SEO and PPC. But often means paid search.
    • PPC is about paid ads. SEM is about using both SEO and paid ads for best results.


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