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1. Revenue.

How does your organization bring in revenue?

  • Product sales
    • From your ecommerce website to digital channels – let’s get creative to get your products out the door
  • Services
    • For-profits having trouble connecting with the right people?
    • Non-profits struggling to fill calendars or event seats?
  • Donations & Digital Grants
    • If we’re a good fit together then we’re also a fan! Let’s find free money from Google, Government Canada and other sources.
  • We connect you with the right people in the right places to keep moving forward.

2. Attention.

  • Your online presence needs to be seen – whether it’s on social media, website or others. Let’s make a robust plan that includes:
    • (WEBSITE) Design & Development: that ranks well, is enjoyable to use and connects you with your customers, clients or donors
    • (SEO) Search Engine Optimization: getting to Page 1 of Google
    • (PPC) Paid Advertising: on search engines, social media, videos, and more
    • (SOCIALS) Social Media & Video Platforms: Producing regularily in ways that build and engage your ideal audience
    • (OUTBOUND) Emails & Texts: Annoying or welcomed? We’ll get you knocking on doors instead of just pest.
    • (LEADS) Now that you have generated interest, how do you connect them and keep them?

3. Efficiencies.

  • Organizations that run smoothly have more fun at what they do
    •  Automations: freeing you from mundane tasks that keep you from your goals
    • Project Management: get the right people in the right place doing the right thing at the right time.
    • Systems: you can get people’s attention but you’re only as strong as your weakest link
    • Artificial Intelligence: What is it, how can it help, how can it hurt?

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