Google Ads Grant

Each qualifying nonprofit has access to up to $10,000 per month in search ads shown on Google.

The Power of Google Ad Grants for Churches & Nonprofits

In today’s digital era, the marketing landscape is evolving at full speed. And for Christian churches and nonprofits alike, reaching people through digital advertising can be tricky to navigate.

What if your Christian church or nonprofit had a way to share its cause with thousands across the globe? Imagine this in a way that is simple and cost effective. One that could attract new donors, recruit passionate volunteers, and elevate your mission to new heights. 

This might sound too good to be true, but this is a reality made possible with the combined forces of two mighty marketing assets: 

  1. The expertise and understanding of a Christian marketing agency, and;
  2. A little thing called Google Ad Grants.

Jump Ahead:

What is Google Ad Grants?

Google Ad Grants is a philanthropic initiative by Google. It offers eligible nonprofits (like yours), up to a whopping $10,000 USD per month of in-kind advertising. These free resources equip organizations to create text-based search ads. They also give access to tools for building effective campaigns that appear on Google Search. That means when people seek information relevant to your cause, you’ll have a better chance of popping up in their search results.

Who Qualifies for Google Ad Grants?

Google Ad Grants is a handy tool to have in your marketing toolkit. And good news – most Christian nonprofits, churches and some Christian Schools qualify. But there are some requirements you should be aware of, that you must meet. You must have a valid charity status and a mission that matches Google’s policies against discrimination and hate speech.

To learn more, visit Google ads for Nonprofits’ eligibility requirements form to see if you qualify for approval.

Some nonprofits do not qualify for Ad Grants. Some organizations – like schools, government entities, and hospitals – are unable to apply for Google Ad Grants.

So if you’re wondering, can churches qualify for Google for non profits? This is where we specialize in helping churches with this. Sojourn Digital is a Google AdWords grant agency specializing in google ad grant management for churches. We have the experience needed particularly with google grants for churches.

Do Google Ad Grants Work?

Google Ad Grants work well when managed with a bit of strategic marketing finesse. Their purpose is to boost your online visibility. In turn, this increases your ability to raise awareness, attract donations, and recruit volunteers. To reach those that will support your cause, you need your message to appear for someone that is searching for nonprofits like yours.

What Can You Do With Google Ad Grants?

Aided by a google ad grant agency, Google Ad Grants help you rally people for your cause. It increases traffic to your website (through the use of targeted, text-based search ads, as we mentioned above). By adding in a mix of specific keywords relevant to your cause, this will drive people to your website when searching for similar phrases. You can inspire people to donate, volunteer, or support your cause by attracting them to your website with a strong message. Another benefit is it will increase your website’s traffic (without resorting to paid ads) through Search Engine Optimization. If you are struggling with your google search results, and need some expert advice, reach out to us!

What is the Difference Between Google Ads and Google Ad Grants?

Both Google Ads and Google Ad Grants operate through Google Search, but they differ in a few ways. As a google grant agency we can help you with both. We offer Google Ads (pay per click) and Google Ad Grants (free advertising for eligible nonprofits). Google Ads also include a wider range of ad formats, whereas Google Ad Grants are strictly for text-based google search ads.

Start with Google Ad Grants.

To activate your Google Ad Grants, first confirm you are eligible and get approval. Then, sign in to Google for Nonprofits and follow the steps. From here, you will be able to set up your first marketing campaign. A Google Nonprofit account offers other benefits too such as access to Google Workspace for Nonprofits. This suite of tools (Gmail, Docs, Calendar, Drive, and Google Meet) fosters collaboration and productivity within your team. This will give you the space to focus on what matters most – your mission!

Partnering with Experts: Christian Marketing Agencies

Christian digital marketing agencies (hello, Sojourn Digital!) provide an invaluable asset to your church or nonprofit. Marketing companies for churches offer much more than just marketing expertise. They come with an in-depth understanding of:

Christian marketing agencies also know that many nonprofits operate under financial constraints. They can help you create cost-effective strategies that deliver maximum impact for minimal investment. One way to maximize opportunities is by utilizing Google Ads for churches. This allows you to reach a larger audience without incurring excessive costs.

That’s why Sojourn Digital, a church marketing agency, can create software systems solutions, church google advertising strategies and more for your organization. (So that you can say goodbye to the stress of figuring it all out yourself.) These strategies help you to resonate with your core audience. And connecting with your audience inspires them into action, helping you achieve your mission in a more impactful way. 

Sojourn Digital & Google Ad Grants Management

Google Ad Grants management often requires a specialized skill set- that’s where Sojourn Digital steps in. As a trusted Christian marketing agency, we understand churches and nonprofit organizations. With a deep understanding of it, we offer expert guidance to navigate the often confusing world of digital advertising – including sorting through the reems of Google Analytics data. Sojourn Digital offers help with Google Ad grants by creating marketing strategies that will engage your target audience. With years of experience in nonprofits, Sojourn Digital can enhance Google Ad Grants and highly impact your mission. The best part is, you can leave it all to us and not worry about how to manage your Google Ad grants. Having the right account management for your Google ads is important. In the nonprofit sector, we know that you have a niche target audience you are looking for.


Google Ad Grant programs presents a leg up opportunity for Christian nonprofits and churches. That’s why hiring a Christian marketing agency that understands your audience, and financial challenges is crucial. Sojourn Digital provides tailored, cost-effective strategies that communicate your mission, engage your community, and drive your cause. Use Google Ad Grants and Sojourn Digital to promote your nonprofit mission through digital advertising. And make a more profound impact on the world. To learn more about how we can get you started with Google Ad Grants Contact Sojourn Digital today!

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